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Project Approval System Template

Our project approval system template is designed to digitize the initiation and authorization process.

Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form Template

Gather customer payment details with our recurring credit card authorization form.

School Admin Panel Template

Our school admin panel template is designed to give maximum oversight over student behavior and school finances.

Vacation Request Form Template

Our vacation request form template gives businesses a quick and easy way to manage employee leave.

Agency Client Portal Template

Our agency client portal provides an effective platform for managing clients, sharing project files, and streamlining communications.

Call-Back Form Template

Our call-back template form template is the easy way to manage customer communications.

Car Rental Admin Panel Template

Our car rental admin panel is built to improve oversight, cut operating costs, and streamline admin workflows.

Client Portal for Accountants

Our client portal for accountants is a simple and convenient tool for managing documents and client information.

Content Approval Software Template

Our content approval software template is built to simplify and automate editorial processes.

Customer Account Portal Template

Our customer account portal template gives you a deployable self-service admin tool, in minutes.

Employee Equipment Checkout Form Template

Our employee equipment checkout form template provides a simple, effective way to manage device rental.

Employee Portal App Template

With our employee portal app template, you can quickly deploy a fully functioning self-service portal for your team, in minutes.

Invoice Approval Software Template

Our invoice approval software template offers a simple and secure platform to receive, manage, and approve business payments.

IT Incident Report Template

Our IT incident report template gives businesses a simple form to record incidents in seconds.

Job Portal App Development Template

Our job portal app development template offers a secure and effective way to list jobs and hire talent.

Maintenance Request Form Template

Our maintenance request form template is a quick and easy way to manage equipment repairs, maintenance, and servicing.

University Portal Template

Our open-source university portal template offers a quickly deployable and powerful app for managing resources, services, and information.

Travel Approval Request Template

Our travel approval request template is designed to streamline and simplify the way your employees book and manage business trips.

Multi-step lead form

Capture leads with this multi-step lead form, and analyse results with a private admin panel.

Hashicorp Scorecard App

The Hashicorp alternative to OKRs - a great application for managing goals.

Ticketing system

Keep on top of support tickets and preventing them from falling through the cracks.

Applicant Tracking System

Advertise jobs, receive applications, and track candidates.

Employee Directory Template

Our employee directory template gives businesses quick and easy access to staff information.

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