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We’ve created a dedicated app for creating, managing, and achieving OKRs.

Setting goals and analyzing performance are crucial in any business. However, some goals are more effective than others. These days, OKRs are one of the most popular options, across all kinds of industries.

How you set goals has a concrete impact on your business’ performance. Choosing the right methodology for tracking goals is crucial. The goal is to set goals that can effectively be analyzed, tracked, and achieved.

What are OKRs?

OKR stands for objectives and key results. The idea is to break your goals down into two parts:

  1. Objectives - What you want to achieve.
  2. Key Results - The specific ways you’re going to meet your goals, and metrics to track your progress.

In other words, your objective is your overarching goal. Key results are a way of breaking this down into more specific and manageable targets.

OKRs first emerged in the tech space. Today, they’re a popular framework among all kinds of businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

Why digitize OKR tracking?

There are many different ways to track OKRs. Many businesses simply use pen and paper. Others may use spreadsheets. However, neither of these methods is totally effective. These manual methods create unnecessary admin work and scope for human error.

Digital platforms offer supercharged OKR tracking.

Digitization empowers you to automate and streamline workflows. Rather than manually tracking your progress, our OKR goal template automatically updates and manages your goals, based on user actions and time-specific rules.

The goal is to save time and money, while also making it easier for you to achieve your goals.

OKR Goal Template Home Screen

What should an OKR tracking app include?

A basic OKR tracking app has two key features:

  • An interface for creating and defining new objectives and key results.
  • A system for tracking, managing, and working towards these goals.

This replaces manual tracking methods and centralizes all data around your goals. Ultimately, this means reducing the admin burden required to manage your business goals.

The most effective OKR tools also automate key processes. For instance, they might notify users when key milestones are upcoming or the status of one of your goal changes. Naturally, this requires customization to match your existing business rules and processes.

Our OKR goal template

Our OKR goal template is built to embed the OKR methodology in your organization. With full customization and intuitive design, our template is the most effective way to start implementing OKR to achieve your goals.

Our template offers:

  • Custom OKR fields.
  • Design customization.
  • Process automation.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Tiered access.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Responsive design.
  • Optional self-hosting.
  • Streamlined workflows.
  • Efficient workflows.

Use our template as a fully deployable goal-setting solution, or customize and tweak it to meet your specific needs.

Create specific objectives and key results

Our template is built around intuitive screens for setting OKRs. We’ve provided separate, linked, forms for setting both high-level objectives and more specific key results. Our simple forms empower you to create new OKRs, in seconds.

When you complete either form, a new row is created in the respective database. Quickly build relationships between objectives and key results, without the need for specific database management knowledge.

With Budibase, you can customize your form fields to match your unique workflows. Add, edit, or remove any data field, with no need for special technical skills.

OKR Goal Details

Track, manage, and meet your goals

The right OKR tool will empower you to achieve your goals. We’ve provided a suite of features for tracking, managing, and meeting OKRs. Use our searchable goal management screens to quickly find, edit, and update your goals.

Each objective and key result has a unique detail screen. We’ve used an intuitive UI and multi-step form to create a smooth user experience for viewing, editing, and managing your specific OKRs.

Use our dynamic filter components to easily sort, find, and filter entries. Use simple equals expressions, or mathematical formulae to set conditions to filter different entries on your OKR app’s front-end.

Track Results

Process automation

Budibase is the smart way to build streamlined, automated workflows. Use any in-app action to trigger our range of built-in automations. Budibase also offers custom automations, with our JavaScript editor and third-party integrations.

We’ve built our template around a series of customizable rules. The status of each entry is updated in real-time, depending on its target date and user actions.

Build your own custom rules in seconds, to perfectly match your internal processes. Set different review processes, goal categories, and more, without the need for advanced coding skills.

Customize access control

Budibase offers fully customizable permission tiers. Control who can access different screens, data, functions, and more. Provide the best possible user experience, while also ensuring maximum app security.

Like all Budibase tools, our template features four permission tiers as standards. Use a simple drop-down bar in the Budibase builder to assign each screen to your desired user tier.

Add, alter, or remove each of these tiers, to perfectly suit your needs. With Budibase, you have complete control over how your app is accessed and used.

Add a Key Result

Responsive design

Our OKR goal template works seamlessly across all devices. Budibase apps are fully mobile-responsive. All screens, interfaces, and components automatically scale and resize to fit perfectly on users’ devices.

Give your team an OKR app that they can take anywhere. Our template is designed for maximum internal adoption. Ensuring that the OKR methodology is fully embedded in your team’s daily work.

Use conditionality rules to supercharge your mobile user experiences. With Budibase, it’s easy to display modified or truncated screens to users, depending on what device they’re using.

Real-time notifications

Our OKR goal template features a real-time notification carousel on the home screen. On logging in, users can clearly see approaching milestones. We’ve also added automated status fields, to quickly view whether an OKR is on-schedule, late, or completed.

Real-time notifications in Budibase help to improve oversight, and project outcomes. Instantly view whether or not you’re on track to meet your most urgent goals.

Use our range of third-party app integrations and built-in automations to manage communications within your OKR tool. Add SMTP credentials to send automated emails, based on your own custom rules.

Conditionality and multi-step forms

Our template is built for maximum usability. We’ve provided a series of multi-step forms , to simplify and streamline user journeys. Even users with low digital skills can easily navigate and use our intuitive OKR app.

Use conditionality to hide, display, update or alter any component. Set your own conditionality rules, using user inputs, behavior, temporal factors, database entries, and more.

With Budibase, it’s easy to create perfectly tailored workflows, for your users’ individual needs.

Track OKRs with Budibase

At Budibase, we’re revolutionizing the way businesses build operations tools. With our open-source, low-code platform, you can create custom software, at a fraction of the cost of traditional development.

Budibase offers:

  • Open-source design.
  • Scalability.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Tiered permissions.
  • Flexible hosting.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Security.
  • Automation.
  • Integrations.
  • Low-code development.
  • External data support.
  • Customization.
  • Built-in JavaScript editor.

With Budibase, you can create feature-rich and fully deployable tools, in minutes.

Our innovative low-code platform

Our open-source, low-code platform is the smart way to build custom business apps . In minutes, you can create fully deployable tools, with minimal coding skills. Budibase is trusted by major organizations around the world, for our unrivaled development experience.

With Budibase, you’re in control of your OKR app’s features, design, functionality, and deployment.

External database support

Budibase offers full support for a range of external data sources. Connect to existing datasets, using MySQL, MSSQL, Postgresql, S3, Rest API, Airtable, CouchDB, MongoDB, and more. Easily connect to existing databases, to query, call, and manipulate entries.

We also offer our own internal database, with support for CSV uploads.

Optional self-hosting

Deploy your Budibase tools however and wherever you like. Choose from self-hosting or our dedicated Budibase Cloud platform. Deploy to your own infrastructure, using Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean, and more.

Our OKR goal template can be deployed internally or as a web app.

Third-party app integrations

Budibase supports a wide range of third-party app integrations, using Zapier, WebHooks, and more. Connect our template to communications tools, CRMs, budgeting apps, and more to supercharge your goal-setting workflows.

Our platform sits perfectly alongside your existing software stack. Use any in-app action to trigger automations in third-party apps.


Our low-code editor empowers users to create fully customized business tools. Easily customize design, functionality, features, configuration, and deployment options, all at the click of a button.

Budibase is the smart, efficient, and cost-effective way to build deployable custom software.


Budibase offers unparalleled security and data protection. With optional self-hosting and custom access control, you have the power to use the exact security standards you need. Our open-source tool is the smart way to protect even the most sensitive data.

We also offer free SSO, and support for OpenID and OAuth. Budibase gives you the power to implement whichever password standards you decide.


Our OKR goal template is built to scale. Unlike traditional development tools, you can quickly add new features and functions, without excessive lead times. When you build an app in Budibase, it will grow and evolve with your business.

Quickly and easily add users, functions, screens, and features, or change your hosting options. With Budibase, you’re in control.

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At Budibase, we’re changing the way businesses build custom software. In minutes, you can create fully tailored apps and tools, with minimal coding skills. Our secure, open-source platform is the smart way to build custom software.

We also offer enterprise supports packages and SLAs. Check out our pricing page for more information.

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