Custom IT Tools for Busy Teams

At Budibase, we’re revolutionizing the way organizations build custom IT tools. With our open-source, low-code platform, businesses of all sizes can build deployable, custom apps in minutes. Budibase is the smart way to build everything from asset management software to server applications and patch management tools.

"Those same apps, with Budibase, are now here in less than an hour. Colleagues were stunned by the data import functionality, seeing a spreadsheet turn into a web app in minutes was the cherry on top."

Davide Lenzarini, IT manager

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Modernize IT service management

Effective IT teams are the heart of modern organizations. Our mission is to empower business managers with the perfect solutions to meet new and evolving challenges.

Minimize lead times

Whether you’re deploying new tools, managing tickets, or responding to new threats, speed is everything. Budibase offers unrivaled development times, and leading user experiences.

Manage emerging threats

IT teams deal with ever-changing security threats. Budibase gives you complete control over the security standards you implement to protect data across your software stack.

Centralize resources

Budibase tools maximize collaboration. With role-based access control, real-time data manipulation, and powerful automations, our platform is built for collaborative business processes.

Respond to change

With constantly evolving technology, IT teams are responsible for maintaining competitiveness. Choose Budibase for legacy modernization, software replacement, custom builds, and more.

Build custom IT tools with our open-source low-code platform, Budibase

IT teams around the world choose Budibase for fast deployment, advanced security, and complete customization. At Budibase, we’re on a mission to change the way businesses develop software. With our innovative low-code builder, it’s never been easier to build fully customized IT software.

100% customizable

Build fully customized, branded apps in minutes.

Mobile, tablet, desktop

Budibase tools work perfectly on all kinds of devices.


Choose self-hosting or our Budibase Cloud platform.

Public & private screens

Assign different permissions to different classes of users.

Role-based access control + security

We offer fully customizable RBAC. Give your users access to the exact data and functionality they need, maximizing security and usability. Use seniority, job roles, or other criteria to assign permission tiers to users. With free SSO, it’s easy to create a fully intuitive and secure IT software stack in Budibase. Budibase empowers businesses to control who can access their apps and data. We offer free SSO, custom permission tiers, and support for a wide range of access standards, including OAuth and OpenID. Self-host your Budibase tools, for complete control over how and when users interact with your apps.

Deploy anywhere

Budibase offers total flexibility for hosting and deployment. Choose self-hosting or our proprietary Budibase Cloud platform. Deploy Budibase tools to your own infrastructure, using Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, Digital Ocean, and more. With our range of hosting options, organizations around the world choose Budibase to build web tools, mobile apps, and internal software.

Automate IT workflows

Build streamlined IT workflows. When you build software with Budibase, you can trigger our range of powerful automations, using any in-app action. We’ve also provided a built-in Javascript editor, to create custom automations and actions. Add your SMTP credentials to trigger automated emails from your Budibase tools. Use our wide range of integration options to trigger automations in external tools.

Take control of your service data

IT teams manage large datasets. However, many businesses still use spreadsheets or complex databases to maintain data. This undermines security, efficiency, and collaboration. Budibase offers a range of external data connectors, using MySQL, MSSQL, Postgresql, Airtable, MongoDB, CouchDB, S3, RestAPI, and more. We also provide a built-in database, with support for CSV uploads. Our low-code platform is the perfect way to manage, maintain, and manipulate large datasets, with user-friendly, easily accessible interfaces.

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Create custom IT tools in 4 simple steps


Connect your data

Use SQL, RestAPI, or our built-in BudibaseDB to prepare your app’s data layer.


Design your app

Use our intuitive low-code platform to create professional app screens, in minutes.


Create automations

Streamline workflows and eliminate admin tasks with our range of powerful automations.


Deploy and scale

Choose self-hosting or Budibase Cloud. When you build a tool with Budibase, it’s ready to grow and scale.

Feature-packed, low-code platform

At Budibase, our low-code platform makes it easy to create open-source IT workflow management tools in minutes.

Multi-screen apps

Create professional, multi-screen IT apps.


Assign permissions to different users, based on their role.


Create conditional UIs for optimized user experiences.

Low-code design

Choose from several beautiful themes, with full customization.

Accessible components

All components and blocks are accessibility tested.

Responsive apps

Create business applications that work seamlessly on any device.

Automated workflows

Set custom rules to automate key business processes.

Free SSO

Enjoy single sign-on across all of your Budibase tools.

Deploy your apps

Deploy your appsvia Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean. Or choose the Budibase Cloud and let Budibase manage everything for you.

Deployable app templates for IT managers

We’ve created a range of free open-source IT app templates. Use our templates as deployment-ready solutions or customize them as you see fit.


Budibase is the fast and effective way to build custom IT tools. Here’s everything you need to know about our innovative low-code platform.

What are open-source IT tools?

IT tools are used to unify, track, and manage services, data, hardware, and software. This can include tools for managing devices, resolving service queries, or monitoring costs and performance. Using open-source tools to manage IT services allows you to ensure the highest levels of customization, security, and process compliance. The key is ensuring that all processes are as smooth, efficient, and cost-effective as possible. This means automating workflows, providing intuitive UIs, and creating apps with powerful functionality.

Why should I use a low-code platform?

Low-code development is changing the way businesses build software, forever. Budibase is leading the pack. Our platform cuts lead times to a fraction of traditional development, with minimal costs. Budibase offers automated processes, complete customization, self-hosting, and more, in an intuitive and powerful low-code platform.

Can I self-host Budibase tools?

Businesses of all sizes choose to self-host their Budibase tools. Self-hosting offers unrivaled security, flexibility, and functionality. Host your open-source IT tools however you like, wherever you like. Use Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, Digital Ocean, and more to deploy Budibase tools to your own infrastructure.

Is Budibase secure?

Budibase offers leading security. With role-based access control and optional self-hosting, we empower users to create the right security standards for their needs. Enterprises and large organizations around the world trust Budibase to keep their data safe. We also offer free SSO across all of your Budibase tools, as well as support for OpenID and OAuth.

Can I build a tool for…?

Our users constantly amaze us with the tools they build. Our simple low-code interface makes it easy to build powerful charts, tables, forms, cards, and more. We also offer customizable automations, searchability, dynamic filtering, and a range of external data connectors. With Budibase, you can quickly and easily create custom software for a wide range of IT workflows and tasks.

How fast can I build Budibase tools?

Budibase is the fast and cost-effective way to build custom software. With built-in automations, a range of data connections, and auto-generated app screens, you can build fully deployable tools, in minutes. To get started quickly, check out our range of free, fully customizable app templates today.

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