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Our vacation request form template gives businesses a quick and easy way to manage employee leave.

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Vacation Request Form Template | Budibase

Time off can be a challenge. Without the right processes, it’s easy for disruptions and miscommunication to occur. Even so, many businesses still manage vacation requests manually, with emails, instant messages, and calendar reminders.

With our vacation request form, you can quickly build a deployable app to manage leave requests. Save time and simplify processes with a secure, effective, and free leave management tool.

What is a digital vacation request form?

Digital forms are used to simplify admin tasks in the HR department. Essentially, they allow your team members to quickly submit their vacation leave requests, whenever and wherever they want. Line managers or HR management can then approve or decline requests at the press of a button.

Our vacation request form template takes the grunt work out of managing and requesting time off. Don’t waste time on manual vacation requests. Our template allows you to fully automate your business’ leave management process.

How do digital forms work?

Effective digital forms have two components. First, there’s a front-end interface, where employees can submit data. Second, there’s a back-end database, where managers can access and manage requests.

In other words, digital forms are simple apps for automating common admin tasks.

Why do you need a paperless vacation request form?

There are a number of ways to manage vacation requests. Some businesses do this manually, using calendar apps or spreadsheets. Some businesses even require formal request letters. This wastes time and opens the door for human error.

Others pay for expensive HR software and only use it for one function.

With our vacation request form template, you can quickly deploy a leave management app. Automate key processes, without the need for a costly HR platform.

Vacation Request Form Template screenshot

Our vacation request form template

Our vacation request form template gives you a secure and effective leave management tool, in minutes.

Out of the box, our template offers:

  • Custom databases.
  • Searchability.
  • Automated emails.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Access control.
  • Custom data fields.
  • Intuitive design.
  • Flexible hosting.
  • Design customization.
  • Improved workflows.

As a bonus, we’ve even added a vacation approval functionality, with data around the total number of days allocated to each employee. Use our template as a standalone form, or as a full leave booking app.

Centralize vacation request data

Many businesses don’t have a central vacation request resource. Individual line managers are responsible for their own teams. As your business grows, this will start to cause problems. Disorganization leads to business disruption.

Our template allows you to centralize vacation requests across your entire company. Give managers and HR staff complete oversight over all vacation requests. Say goodbye to resourcing issues and skeleton teams.

Budibase supports a wide range of data storage options. With full SQL support, you have the power to store vacation request records how you want, where you want.

Management screen screenshot

Simplify HR processes

Why waste time on calls and meetings? With our vacation request template, HR processes take a fraction of the time. Automated forms let your employees submit and manage vacation requests in seconds.

Budibase offers advanced automation and flexibility. Use a range of rules and conditions to automatically approve or decline vacation requests.

The more closely your vacation request tool matches your HR processes, the better. Our template offers complete flexibility and customization. Tailor your form to fully meet your internal operations.

HR teams will also love our free travel approval request template .

Customize data fields

Out of the box, our template uses a range of common data fields. These include personal details, and information relating to leave requests. With Budibase, you have complete control over your vacation request requirements.

Everyone needs a break, but time off also disrupts your business. Integrate your vacation requests with handover processes, by adding fields for employees to detail their current workload.

Budibase forms support digital attachments. Users can submit supporting evidence, like appointment letters or doctor’s notes for sick leave.

Automated notifications

Connect your employee vacation request form to your internal communication channels. Trigger email automations from any action in the Budibase app. Use automations to notify users of changes to their vacation requests.

Improve HR workflows by sending line managers notifications when new requests are made.

Budibase integrates fully with a range of different communication channels, including common IM platforms, like Slack. We also offer a full range of other integrations using Webhooks and Zapier.

Add conditionality

Tailor your user experiences with conditionality. Depending on users’ roles, departments, actions, or permission levels, you can show different design elements. Conditionality can be added to any field, to create bespoke forms for different types of leave.

For example, you might display handover fields for users who book more than a day’s leave. You can then hide these elements for shorter periods of leave.

Budibase’s conditionality features give you the power to offer a fully tailored user experience.

Instant requests and approval

Our vacation request form offers maximum efficiency. Employees can request leave in seconds, without the need to book a call with their line manager. Our template offers approval app functionality, so admins can manage requests at the press of a button.

Use automations to determine leave request rules. Instantly approve or decline vacation requests which meet your own internal rules, such as resourcing or cover needs.

With Budibase’s built-in integrations, employees can be instantly notified when their vacation request is approved or denied.

Vacation request approval screen screenshot

Design and usability

User experience is key for internal adoption. Our vacation request template offers a clean and modern UI. This ensures that users can find and access all functions as easily as possible. Give your users the optimum experience, to maximize adoption.

Employees in large organizations have different levels of digital literacy. Our template features an intuitive UI, eliminating the need for training and onboarding.

Our template is also fully customizable. From adding branding, altering design elements, or adding additional data fields, with Budibase, you’re in the driving seat.

Tailored access and permissions

Maximize security and usability with tiered permissions. Out of the box, our vacation request template offers four levels of access.

Basic users can access our form and request leave. Line managers and HR employees can be granted Power or Admin permissions, to view, manage, and approve leave requests.

With Budibase, you have total control over user permissions. For example, you might choose to add additional access tiers to reflect a more complex organization. Additional data fields in the user table allow you to limit line managers’ access to their own department’s requests.

Add, remove and edit users

As your business grows, it’s important that your vacation request system grows with it. With Budibase, you can add, remove and edit users in seconds. That way, there’s no time wasted on simple admin tasks.

You can also quickly add a user management panel to our vacation request template.

Simply add a new screen to your app. Our platform will auto-generate data fields to add, edit and remove individual users from the front-end.

Why build a vacation request form app with Budibase?

At Budibase, our mission is to build the world’s largest ecosystem of open-source business tools. We’re revolutionizing the software landscape, with free, secure, and effective solutions.

  • Open-source.
  • Scalability.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Access control.
  • Flexible hosting.
  • Responsive design.
  • Security.
  • Automation.
  • Integrations.
  • Low-code.
  • Multiple data sources.
  • Infinite customization.
  • Built-in JavaScript editor.

Open-source forms

Anyone can use our app builder, internal database, and cloud hosting. We don’t believe in freemium software. With Budibase, you’ll enjoy unlimited users, records, and applications, when you host on your own infrastructure.

Even better, you’ll actually own your apps. We do offer premium support and SLAs for enterprise users. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Free SSO

Unlike other low-code platforms, all of our users enjoy free SSO. With off-the-shelf solutions, you’ll have to purchase a new license for each platform and user. This quickly adds up.

With free SSO, Budibase is the cost-effective way to build business tools.

Open-source design

We believe in open-source software. Our vacation time off request form works straight out of the box. But, you have the power to tweak and customize it as you see fit. With our open-source builder, we offer deployable business tools in minutes.

Budibase tools can be hosted on a range of platforms, using Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean, and more. Use our JavaScript editor to add functionality to any element of your app.

Flexible hosting

We offer unparalleled flexibility. Budibase supports self-hosting, alongside our dedicated cloud platform. Large organizations love self-hosted Budibase tools, for unrivaled security.

Budibase sits perfectly alongside existing data sources. Connect your vacation request form to external data using Postgresql, MongoDB, MySQL, S3, CouchDB, Airtable, and more. Budibase also supports the Rest API, and direct CSV uploads.


Security is a top decision factor for modern businesses. Budibase gives you the power to fully protect your business’ data. Our open-source design and flexible hosting make Budibase the most secure way to build deployable business apps.

Budibase users have total control over who accesses their data, with fully customizable permissions. With support for OpenID and OAuth, Budibase offers unparalleled security and access control.


Budibase offers a vast library of built-in automations. These can be triggered by any in-app action. Query datasets, or trigger automated emails at the press of a button.

Our built-in JavaScript editor offers advanced functionality to any element of your vacation request form. With a range of integration options , including support for Zapier and Webhooks, Budibase can also trigger automations in third-party apps.


Our vacation request form template is infinitely scalable. Add capacity and features as your business grows and changes. With Budibase, your internal tools are completely future-proof.

Add new users, functionality, or additional permission tiers. With Budibase, your apps can evolve as your business grows and changes.

Mobile responsiveness

Budibase apps are fully mobile responsive. Our vacation request form and admin panel automatically scale and resize to fit users’ screens. Employees can request and manage leave anywhere, on any device.

With conditional design, you have the option to simplify and truncate design elements, depending on the user’s device.

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