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Collecting data online is critical to many processes, including; customer feedback, lead generation, order intakes, feedback surveys, evaluations, and many more. This specific form template is for capturing leads online.

What is a multi-step lead form

A multi-step lead form allows you to capture leads online. For example, if a potential customer visits your website, reads the content, and is interested in what they see. The next step is for them to click a call-to-action button (Contact us button), and complete a form expressing their interest and provide you with information re their current circumstances.

From your perspective, you now have a new lead, their contact information, and further context around why they’re interested in your offering.

And what’s great about this lead capture form, is it’s beautifully designed so potential customers are more likely to complete it and submit their information. On top of that, you can automate notifications, so when leads do complete the form, you get an email - and contact them quicker. You can also automate an email to go to the new lead - ‘Hey, thanks for your enquiry…’ And, to go one step further, the users' data will go into an admin panel where you can view their details, and update their records with notes, etc. There’s even a dashboard to help you analyze your new leads!

What’s included in this lead capture form

Public multi-step form

Anyone can access the public lead capture form. The form is a multi-step form, which means, the form is divided into multiple sections - 1 question per screen. This provides a better experience for the user. It also gives you more room to dive deeper into each question or show images, videos, etc. The form has a beautiful background that you can customize. It also has built-in conditional logic, which changes the text and button variant when the user is on certain steps.

Private admin panel

The admin panel is a simple interface for viewing and updating incoming leads. It also comes with two charts which illustrate the total number of leads grouped by size and department. The admin panel is fully responsive and works across all devices.

Multi-step form admin panel

Why is this lead capture form template special


This template is free. You can use the template with the Budibase Cloud free tier (1,000 record limit). If you self-host Budibase on the open-source plan, you don’t have to pay… ever, unless you decide to upgrade to a paid plan.

Self-hosting available

You can self-host this template and Budibase on your own infrastructure. This gives you peace of mind that the data in this template sits comfortably and securely within your infrastructure.


Budibase has a powerful automation interface that allows you to automate the manual processes within and around your application.


This template was created using Budibase, an open-source low code platform, which means you can tailor the template to fit your specific needs.

Works on mobile, tablet, and desktop

All the components within this template are responsive and accessible via mobile, tablet, and desktop.

How to get started?

Simple, click the ‘Use this template' button . If you customize the steps in the form, please make sure to update the conditional logic. The gif below demonstrates how to access the button’s conditional logic.

Deployment options

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Budibase Cloud

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Deploy Budibase to your own infrastructure using Docker and Docker Compose.

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Use the Budibase helm chart to deploy Budibase directly into your Kubernetes cluster.

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Digital Ocean

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