"The user friendliness of Budibase is outstanding!"

5,400 employees

Mechanized tunnelling

As a full-range supplier of mechanized tunnelling technology, Herrenknecht supports the construction industry in all underground challenges. With experience from over 5,300 projects, Herrenknecht has developed an edge solution that enables secure data interfaces for all the group’s tunnelling machines. Scalable cloud solutions enable comprehensive fleet management - not only for current projects but also for projects that have already been completed. With Budibase, Herrenknecht has provided a database web-application that allows geologists and site engineers to manually input, manage and track data such as geological information related to the construction site. This system enables our customers to monitor their data and make informed decisions with the client about the construction process.

“The user friendliness of Budibase is outstanding! We were able to provide a web application in a very short time for our customers to manage additional costs based on machine data and manual input data, to show different reports to the contractor and thus to fulfil the full performance on-site. For our use case Budibase is a great tool and we look forward to developing and implementing the application in the Herrenknecht environment for even more mechanized tunnelling projects around the world.”

Stefan Latt
System Engineer

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