"Support staff, trainees - who can’t code - could suddenly create great tools."

6,600 employees

Transport and logistics

“It is our goal to strongly promote digitization in the company. However, the lack of IT specialists and the highly competitive market present us with new challenges on a daily basis. Due to these challenges, it has not always been possible for us to push ahead with digitization projects at the desired pace, in the short term.

The very simply designed Budibase platform has opened up new possibilities for us. Support staff, trainees - who can’t code - could suddenly create great tools. In addition to the newly created tools, we gained new superpowers in terms of speed and flexibility.

In addition to the new incredible speed, Budibase was a pleasure to work with. Employees not only enjoy working with Budibase and creating applications, they have also made Budibase a part of their personal lives introducing Budibase to their Friends, Clubs, etc.

Thank you to the team for the constant development of the platform. Also for implementing our suggestions. Budibase is modern, appealing and very intuitive to use, which our team simply loves. The contact with Budibase support was always extremely polite and technically at the highest level. An absolute model for perfect customer service.”

Julian Izquierdo
Head of IT Support

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