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Rallying Call

As developers, software development is everything. But, sadly, it's also a common source of frustration. For me, exasperation stemmed from repetition. And, eventually, I suffered from burnout.

Time and time again, as developers, we are tasked with building simple CRUD apps to help with business operations. These tools are critical to the existence and growth of the companies we work at but they're repetitive and painful to build. As a developer, I detested building these tools. And I soon found out, thousands/millions of other developers felt the same.

So, Budibase was born.

A new horizon for developers

Budibase is a development platform for building, automating, and shipping business applications. We vehemently believe, building applications with Budibase should feel magical. To steal a phrase from Marie Kondo, we want to "spark joy" when developers use Budibase.

To do this, we must focus obsessively on what makes a great developer experience and show a level of altruistic commitment. This led us to our first initiative, The Budibase Commitments. Combined, these commitments illustrate a pledge from us, as a company, to our incredible community:

1. Open

Developers are curious and security conscious. They want the ability to self-host on their own infrastructure and roam the codebase. Budibase commits to always offering a free, open platform, that developers can inspect the code base and host themselves.

2. Extensible

Developers don't want to feel locked in or limited by a solution. Budibase commits to always providing developers with a way to code against the platform, add components/integrations to the platform, and export their apps/data.

3. Fast

Developers are busy. Budibase commits to making the process of building internal tools and workflows as fast and pleasant as possible.

4. Community-driven

Developers love communities. Budibase must always support and invigorate the community. This includes, and is not limited to, providing a thriving marketplace, great docs, an incredible forum, a place to raise issues and contribute to the code base, add plugins, design themes, and in some cases - earn money!

Accelerating forward

We've spoken about our commitment to providing a great developer experience. What we have not spoken about is our quest to build a thriving ecosystem. We will do this by fostering a community of developers who build integrations, UI components, and application templates for themselves and for the wider community.

For our community members, we are committed to providing you with immense value. Ultimately, our community will be our biggest strength. We want to form a symbiotic relationship with our community, so that what is good for Budibase Inc is good for the Budibase community, and vice versa.

Building an inclusive, sustainable community, where all parties benefit and enjoy being a part of will help us achieve our vision: a world where anyone can build internal tools and automate processes, in minutes.

There will come a time when our community transforms into an ecosystem. It's at this point when we unlock the barriers for others to utilize templates from the marketplace. Budibase will eventually become the home of business applications and workflow automation. An ecosystem where users of all levels can utlize a ready-made solution to a business procedure or operation.

Our mission and vision are gargantuan and ambitious. But, with a great developer experience, a best-in-class product, and a thriving ecosystem, we will get there.

We ask you to join us, and help us transform the working lives of millions, potentially billions of developers, employees, and businesses.

Michael Shanks

Budibase CEO

Join 100,000 teams building apps and making work flow.