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Keep on top of support tickets and preventing them from falling through the cracks.


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Internal IT teams are busier than ever, and with remote working becoming the new norm, triaging and solving coworker technical issues is getting harder. This leads to overworked IT support teams and unproductive employees. At Budibase, we’re all about empowering employees to do their best work, so we’ve created this modern IT ticketing system template. And, to make life easier, it’s free and you can self-host the template alongside Budibase.

Keep on top of support queries

Support queries come at you from all angles, at all times of the day. The purpose of this template is to help keep on top of support queries, and prevent them from falling through the cracks. Additionally, prevention is better than the cure, and with this template, you can write helpdesk articles that users can use to self-triage! Lastly, custom resorts can help your team report on progress and demonstrate their value.

What’s included in the ticketing system template?

With the IT ticketing system template employees can raise tickets, self-serve and source answers to their own issues, and receive status updates. And IT professionals can update tickets to coworkers, automate notifications, view analytics, and create help desk notes/documentation.

For IT support teams

Ticket notifications

Notify your team or a specific team member when a new ticket is received.

Assign tickets

Once a ticket is created, the ticket is assigned to the ticket manager (you can assign whoever you want to this role), who then distributes the ticket to coworkers or takes responsibility for the ticket.

Update the status of tickets

Once a ticket is assigned to an IT professional, they can update the ticket’s status.

View ticket reports and analytics

View how many tickets there are at different stages, as well as which users have answered the most tickets.


Write answers to popular questions, and present them to coworkers in a knowledge base so they can self-serve and potentially solve their own issue without alerting IT.

For coworkers


Coworkers receive notifications on the status of their tickets

Help coworkers help themselves

Allow coworkers to self-serve and potentially solve their own issues using the knowledge base.

Improved time-to-resolution

With this template, coworkers can expect quicker resolution times, allowing them to get back to work quicker.

Benefits of this template over other ticketing systems

Works on mobile, tablet, and desktop

IT teams and coworkers can use the features within this template on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Self-host on your own infrastructure

Budibase is an open-source low code platform, so you can self-host this template and Budibase on your own infrastructure. This gives you peace of mind that the data in this template sits comfortably and securely within your infrastructure.

Fully customizable

This template was created using Budibase, an open-source low code platform, which means you can tailor the template to fit your specific needs.


If you self-host Budibase and the template, you can replace the Budibase branding with your own.


Budibase has a powerful automation interface that allows you to automate the manual processes within and around your application.


With 1 click, transform this template using 1 of 4 themes.


All components, sizes, and colors used within this template are accessibly tested.

Deployment options

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Deploy Budibase to your own infrastructure using Docker and Docker Compose.

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Use the Budibase helm chart to deploy Budibase directly into your Kubernetes cluster.

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Digital Ocean

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