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Our complaints record template is built to streamline information gathering, customer interactions, and incident response workflows.

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Complaints Record Template | Budibase | Low-Code Platform

With our lightweight template, employees and customers can log complaints, in seconds. Create a centralized, consistent record of all incidents, complaints, and feedback to maximize efficiency, accountability, and customer satisfaction.

Use our template as a fully deployable solution, or tweak and customize it to meet your specific requirements.

What is a complaint record app?

As the name suggests, a complaint record app allows users to log feedback, incidents, and grievances. This can be used either by your customer support team or by customers themselves.

The goal is to ensure that information is recorded accurately and consistently. Complaints record tools maximize efficiency when logging, searching, or viewing submitted data.

This ensures a robust paper trail of all complaint logs. It also creates a dataset that can be leveraged to automate and optimize related workflows.

Complaints Record Template Homescreen

Why use a dedicated complaint register?

Many businesses have no systematic way to log customer complaints. Others use spreadsheets, CRMs, or other tools to manage complaints. Each of these options creates avoidable problems.

Naturally, when you don’t have a central register of complaints, it’s almost impossible to learn lessons from unsatisfied customers.

While spreadsheets or CRMs go some way to solving this, they come along with their own difficulties. Managing data with spreadsheets quickly leads to disorganization, human error, and preventable risk.

CRMs lead to poor experiences for internal users who simply want to log a complaint. Using a CRM also prevents customers from logging complaints directly.

Dedicated complaints record tools provide maximum efficiency, centralization, and usability.

What should a complaints record tool contain?

Complaints record tools are simple CRUD apps , built around two elements:

  1. A data layer, for storing complaint information.
  2. A front-end interface, for creating, searching, viewing, and altering records.

In other words, users can create, access, update, or delete database entries, using the app’s front-end. The idea is to empower users to create or leverage data, without needing specialized technical skills.

The most effective complaints record tools offer additional functionality for streamlining and optimizing workflows. For example, third-party integrations, formula-based taxonomies, and custom automation rules.

Our complaints record template

Our customer complaint log template is built for maximum usability and efficiency. Customers and internal users alike can submit detailed, accurate information, in seconds.

Our template offers:

  • Custom data fields.
  • Design customization.
  • Process automation.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Access control.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Responsive design.
  • Optional self-hosting.
  • Streamlined workflows.
  • Multi-step forms.

Use Budibase templates as fully deployable solutions, or customize them to match your existing workflows.

Intuitive complaints record UIs

We’ve built our app around an intuitive, single-screen interface. Users can quickly record and manage complaints, with minimal additional training. Maximize app adoption by giving your team a tool that they’ll love to use.

On the app’s home screen, users can quickly access modal pages for logging complaints, viewing existing records, or searching and filtering entries.

All possible actions are immediately accessible from a single, intuitive interface. Our template is the smart way to quickly gather, manage, and leverage complaint data.

Powerful CRUD actions

Perform CRUD actions at the press of a button. Create, read, update, and delete database entries, with no need for specialist technical skills. Use simple customer complaint forms to create or edit entries.

Our complaints register template automatically generates beautiful complaint reports, using Budibase’s Markdown Viewer component.

Use our template to create and maintain a centralized, consistent, and accurate register of all customer complaints.

Complaint Summary Screen

Multi-step forms

We’ve created an effective multi-step form interface for registering complaints. Quickly guide users through the process of submitting detailed complaints, in a consistent format. Each form step deals with a single category of information.

We’ve used simple, accessible text fields, date pickers, and long-form text boxes to create a fully intuitive complaint form UI.

Budibase forms are fully customizable. Add new variables to your app’s data layer, and automatically update form interfaces with a single click.

Register a complaint

Responsive design

Our complaints record template works seamlessly across all devices. All design components are fully responsive, automatically scaling and resizing to fit on users’ screens. Budibase components are also tested for key accessibility standards.

Empower your users with a tool they can use anywhere, on any device.

Customers and internal users can access our template from their desktop, mobile, or desktop devices. Build fully mobile-optimized user experiences with our custom conditionality rules.

Multi-step complaints form

Searchability and filtering

We’ve provided extensive functionality for searching and filtering complaints records. Use our dynamic filter component to quickly isolate data, based on any combination of variables.

Create complex filtering rules, using equals, starts with, ends with, is like, or numerical expressions.

Our template provides a fast, easy way to locate specific customer complaints. Streamline workflows by giving your team the information they need, right at their fingertips.

Searchability and filtering

Role-based access control

Budibase offers customizable role-based access control. Give users the exact permissions they need to maximize both usability and security. Assign access to users based on their seniority, location, department, job role, and more.

Limit access to different screens and data, at the press of a button.

Our template is built around three permission tiers. Public users can submit complaints. Basic and power users can then access additional functions for viewing, editing, and managing existing entries.

Custom conditionality rules

Use conditional UIs to create fully tailored user experiences. Display, hide or update any design element, based on form data, user behavior, app actions, database entries, device information, and more.

Request additional information for certain complaint categories, or create truncated forms for mobile users.

Budibase is the smart way to build powerful, optimized user experiences, without the need for advanced coding and design skills.

Log complaints with Budibase

At Budibase, we’re on a mission to create the world’s largest suite of open-source tools. Our low-code platform is the fast and cost-effective way to build CRUD applications.

Budibase offers:

  • Open-source development.
  • Scalability.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Custom RBAC.
  • Optional self-hosting.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Security.
  • Automation.
  • Integrations.
  • Low-code development.
  • External data support.
  • Design customization.
  • Built-in JavaScript editor.

Use our range of free app templates as deployable solutions, or fully customize them to meet your unique needs.

Our open-source, low-code platform

At Budibase, we’re changing the way businesses build internal tools. Connect your data, create professional interfaces, and publish your app, in under five minutes. Say goodbye to lengthy lead times and expensive custom builds.

We also offer a variety of support packages and SLAs for power users. Check out our pricing page for more information.

External database support

Budibase supports a wide range of existing datasets. Connect Budibase tools to existing databases using Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, S3, Airtable, MongoDB, CouchDB, Oracle, REST API, and more.

We also offer our own built-in database, that supports spreadsheet-data uploads. Use Budibase to build apps from scratch or using leveraging your existing data.

Hosting and deployment

Choose self-hosting or Budibase Cloud for our complaints record template. Host Budibase tools on your own infrastructure using Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, and Digital Ocean.

With a range of hosting and deployment options, Budibase is the smart way to build web applications and internal tools .

Process automation

Budibase is built to automate customer service workflows. Use any app action to trigger our library of built-in automations. Create custom automation rules with JavaScript, Handlebars, formula variables, and third-party integrations.

Automate client communications, escalations, and task management, based on your own automation rules. Use our range of third-party integrations to trigger automations in external apps.

Third-party integrations

Our tools integrate seamlessly with your existing software stack. Integrate with third-party apps, using Zapier, Webhooks, REST API, and more. Use your Budibase apps to trigger automations in third-party tools, and vice-versa.

Connect our complaints record tool to CRMs, communications platforms, project management software, approval apps , admin panels, portals , and more.


Choose Budibase to keep your customer data secure. With custom RBAC and optional self-hosting, we empower our users to implement the right security standards for their unique needs.

Budibase also offers free SSO across all of your tools, along with OAuth and OpenID support.


Budibase apps are built to scale. As your needs grow and change, our tools are ready to evolve with them. Quickly add new data, features, screens, and users, with our intuitive low-code platform.

Say goodbye to waiting for vendors to release the features you need. With Budibase, you can build custom tools to meet new challenges, in minutes.

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At Budibase, we’re revolutionizing the way businesses build internal tools. With our low-code platform, building custom apps takes minutes, not months.

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