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Our client contact list template is built to simplify data collection, storage, and management.

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Client Contact List Template | Budibase | Low-Code Platform

Give your team a fast, intuitive way to record, search, and leverage customer contact information.

Creating a centralized record of your clients is critical for just about every business function. Colleagues from sales, marketing, engineering, support, finance, or any other department may need to get in touch with clients quickly.

Use our contact list app to streamline information gathering, sharing, and client communications.

What is a contact list tool?

Contact list apps are used to simplify and centralize your client information. These lightweight tools allow your team to quickly add, edit, search and use clients’ contact details. The goal is to make communications workflows as smooth and efficient as possible.

Many businesses have no systematic way of managing their clients’ contact information. Instead, they rely on individual colleagues’ contact lists or phonebooks. This can work fine for managing daily tasks, but problems arise when something unexpected happens.

For example, an employee might leave, go off sick, or even lose their personal contact list. In an emergency, someone might need to contact a client, without knowing which colleague to ask for their information.

Centralization improves efficiency, oversight, and reliability across all kinds of client management workflows.

Our contact directory template is the ideal solution for managing business contacts.

Client contact list template home screen

Why use a dedicated contact list app?

Of course, many businesses already use spreadsheets, CRMs, or other tools to store client information. This creates its own set of problems. Spreadsheets will quickly lead to disorganized, dated, or lost data.

While CRMs provide extensive functionality, this creates a poor user experience for colleagues who simply want to look up a phone number or email address. Granting company-wide CRM access can also lead to critical data being leaked, corrupted, or deleted by mistake.

Give your team a dedicated tool that combines the benefits of data centralization with smooth, intuitive user experiences.

What should a client contact tool contain?

Client contact list tools are simple CRUD apps , that are built around two elements:

  1. A data layer for storing contact details, like mobile phone numbers.
  2. A front-end interface for searching, viewing, editing, and recording information.

The idea is to ensure that all colleagues can quickly look up the information they need, or add new client details in a consistent format. This also enables you to leverage client data to automate communications and other workflows.

This can be targeted at specific entries, or leveraging multiple contacts at a time.

The most effective contact list apps offer additional functionality to streamline processes. For example, custom automation rules, third-party integrations, role-based access control, and more.

Our client contact list template

Our customer contact list template is built for maximum usability, customization, and simplicity.

Use our template for:

  • Total customization.
  • External data support.
  • Process automation.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Custom RBAC.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Responsive design.
  • Optional self-hosting.
  • Searchability and filtering.
  • Streamlined workflows.

Use our template as a fully deployable solution, or fully customize it to meet your unique requirements.

Intuitive contact list UIs

We’ve built our app template around a lightweight single-screen interface. With intuitive user experiences and a simple interface, our template offers maximum usability. Users can quickly browse, view, filter, and search your entire database.

Our contact list UI offers clear calls-to-action for creating, viewing, editing, and deleting entries. We’ve used modal form interfaces to maximize efficiency, consistency, and accuracy when manually entering data.

With our contact list template, colleagues can find, use, record, edit, and share client information in seconds.

Client summary screen

Powerful CRUD functionality

Our client contact list template offers simple yet powerful CRUD functionality. Create, read, or update client data, using our intuitive low-code interface. Budibase is the efficient and easy way to maintain databases, with minimal technical skills.

We’ve provided dedicated modal forms for creating new entries, or updating and deleting contact details for existing clients. Users can quickly view existing database entries, at the press of a button.

With Budibase, it’s easy to build powerful CRUD apps using our built-in database, or any of our wide range of external data connectors.

Add a client

Searchability and dynamic filtering

Our template offers a high degree of searchability and filtering. Use our dynamic filter component to quickly isolate and access specific entries, using any combination of variables.

Create your own complex filtering rules, using equals, starts with, ends with, or numerical expressions.

Empower your team to find the exact information they need to respond to new challenges, in seconds.

Conditional UIs

Budibase offers customizable conditional interfaces. Display, hide, or update any design element, based on user data, app actions, form inputs, database entries, and more to offer fully optimized UIs.

Use our conditionality editor to quickly set custom rules, with any combinations of variables. We’ve used conditional UIs to simplify our read and edit UIs. Set new conditionality rules without the need for custom code.

Use conditional formatting to alter UIs based on users’ devices. Truncate forms or rearrange components for seamless mobile experiences.

Edit client contact details

Responsive design

Our client contact list template works perfectly on all devices. All design elements automatically scale and resize to fit perfectly on users’ screens. Give your team a centralized resource that they can take with them, wherever they go.

Often, your team will need to access your client list at short notice, for urgent calls, updates, or queries.

Ensure the best possible client experiences, by giving your team a tool they can access anywhere, from any device.

Custom RBAC

Budibase offers customizable role-based access control. Control who access your app’s data, screens, and functionalities. Assign different permission tiers to users, based on their seniority, department, location, or other attributes.

We’ve provided four permission tiers, which can be configured to limit access to any screens, data, or other components.

Combine custom RBAC with a range of data filtering options and conditionality rules to maximize security and usability.

Design customization

Our client contact list template is completely customizable. We offer a range of intuitive design tools to create your perfect app interfaces, in seconds. Add branding, create conditionality rules, customize your in-app navigation, and more, at the click of a button.

Use our built-in CSS editor to alter the design of any app component.

We also offer four professional-looking app themes. Alter our template’s look and feel, without the need for custom code. Budibase is the fast, easy way to build incredible apps for a huge variety of business problems.

Manage contact information with Budibase

At Budibase, we’re changing the way businesses build custom tools. With our innovative low-code platform, you can build fully deployable, functional apps, in as little as five minutes.

Choose Budibase for:

  • Open-source design.
  • Scalability.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Custom permissions.
  • Self-hosting.
  • Security.
  • Automation.
  • Integrations.
  • Conditional UIs.
  • External data support.
  • Design customization.
  • Built-in JavaScript editor.
  • Auto-generated screens.

Budibase is the fast, cost-effective way to build custom CRUD applications.

Our open-source, low-code platform

Budibase offers unrivaled deployment times, functionality, and development experiences. With autogenerated screens, simple low-code development, and a range of built-in automations, it’s easy to build custom apps in minutes.

We also offer enterprise SLAs and support packages. Check out our pricing page for more information.

External database support

Connect our template to a wide range of existing datasets. Leverage external data, using MySQL, MSSQL, Postgresql, Airtable, CouchDB, MongoDB, REST API, S3, Oracle, and more.

We also offer our own built-in database, with support for CSV uploads. Budibase is the smart way to centralize data from a variety of existing sources.

Data filtering

Self-hosting & Budibase Cloud

Choose self-hosting or cloud-based deployment for our client contact list template. Deploy Budibase apps to your own infrastructure, using Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean, and more.

With a variety of hosting options, Budibase is the smart way to build effective web apps and internal tools .

Custom automations

Budibase is built to automate workflows. Use any in-app action to trigger our library of built-in automations. Create your own custom automation rules using JavaScript, handlebars expressions, formula variables, and third-party integrations.

Use Budibase apps to trigger automations in external tools, for fully streamlined workflows.

Third-party integrations

Budibase supports a huge range of third-party app integrations . Connect to external tools using Zapier, Webhooks, REST API, and more. Use Budibase apps to trigger automations in your existing software stack, and vice-versa.

Connect our client contact list template to communications tools, invoicing software, CRMs, helpdesks, admin panels , approval apps , portals , and more.


Businesses around the world choose Budibase to secure even the most sensitive of data. Naturally, this is a top priority for client contact information. With optional self-hosting and custom RBAC, we empower our users to choose the exact right security standards for their needs.

We also offer free SSO across all of your Budibase tools, as well as support for OAuth and OpenID.


As your business grows and changes, your software stack must evolve with it. With Budibase, you can quickly add additional data, fields, users, functions, and screens. Say goodbye to waiting for the features you need from off-the-shelf solutions.

Budibase tools are built to scale. Give your team the tools they need to continue meeting new and emerging challenges.

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At Budibase, we’re on a mission to build the world’s largest ecosystem of open-source business tools. With our intuitive low-code platform , you can create fully deployable, custom tools in under five minutes.

Use our client contact list template as a deployable solution, or tweak and customize it to fully meet your unique needs.

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