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What’s new in Budibase: October 2022

Joe Johnston
2 min read · Nov 9, 2022

Today, we are launching the Budibase October release 🎉. This release introduces a new drag-and-drop experience, Blocks ejection, and a new QR/Barcode scanner.

Features & Improvements ✨

New drag-and-drop experience

When designing apps, you can now drag-and-drop components and blocks from the components and blocks side panel onto your design screen.

Blocks ejection

Blocks are an important and popular part of the design flow within Budibase. They simplify and speed up the design process. But, their opinionated approach can lead to roadblocks - until now. When using a block, if you hit a roadblock, you can now eject the block, and its inner components will become independently available to customize.

App backups

🔒 Premium feature

Users who are on a paid tier can now back up apps and roll back to different snapshots.

  • Pro-tier users get 1 week of backups
  • Team tier users get 3 months of backups
  • Business tier users get 1 year of backups

Google Sheets integration is now available in Budibase Cloud

The Google Sheets integration is now available to Budibase Cloud users, as well as self-hosted users.

Chart block

The new chart block makes it easy and quick to add charts to your interfaces.

Row explorer block

A personal favorite, this block, when added to your interface, will make it quick and easy for your users to cycle through records.

Form block

With the new form block, you can build a fully-functioning form linked to your database with just a couple of clicks.

QR/Barcode scanner

A new component that allows your users to scan QR codes and barcodes. This new functionality introduces a new component and data type in Budibase DB / internal DB.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • OneLogin OIDC integration failing
  • Prevent non-static formula columns from being selected for datasource sorting
  • Plugins, search menu if I press spacebar all available plugins disappeared
  • Cannot add more than 8 users to an app
  • Automations - Unable to bind to the result of a JS Scripting block
  • App name runs into updated text
  • Clicking on an attachment inside a table component checks the “row selected” checkbox.

Other news

We recently raised new funding to help us accelerate our mission. You can read about it here .