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September 2021 release - Cloudy with a chance of awesomeness

Joe Johnston
2 min read · Oct 15, 2021

The September release introduces Budibase Cloud, making it invitingly easy to try Budibase and build internal tools in minutes. This is our largest and most significant release to date.

Budibase Cloud is in beta


Before Budibase Cloud, it wasn’t easy to try Budibase if you were unfamiliar with Docker, Kubernetes, or Digital Ocean. With Budibase Cloud, you can experience the power, sleekness, and simplicity of Budibase in just a few seconds. It is also the beginning of a momentous drive to make Budibase more accessible and intuitive, and offer a best-in-class experience.

Before jumping in, there are a few points we would like you to know:

  • Budibase Cloud is in beta.
  • Budibase Cloud is free (we will add paid plans in the future)
  • Each new account can build up to 4 applications, run 1000 automation operations, and store 1000 records per app.

Try Budibase today. Setup takes seconds, and it’s free. And if you do enjoy your experience, please tell a friend or two about it.

Try Budibase Cloud today


We obsess over design at Budibase, and we understand and actively promote the importance of creating internal tools people enjoy using. Theming gives you the creative flexibility to tailor your internal tools to suit your brand. Currently, you can change the overall theme, accent color (button, links), button shape, button hover color, navigation background color, navigation font color).

Desktop, tablet, mobile view

Unlike other platforms, Budibase apps work on mobile, tablet, and desktop. The new device toggle lets you change the design screen dimensions with just a click, making it incredibly easy to design for different devices.

Drag and drop screen components

A popular request amongst the community, you can now add components to your design screen then drag and drop them into the position of your choice.

Automations redesign

We redesigned the automations UI to make it easier for users to create new automations.

Additional updates

  • Automation test funcationality
  • New query action in automations
  • Search records from within the data section

Coming up in the October release

  • Write JS in the design section
  • Data transformer

Try Budibase Cloud today