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Progressive Web Apps Can Now Be Shipped Via The Play Store

Joe Johnston
1 min read · Feb 1, 2019

With Chrome 72, you can now publish your PWA in the Play Store and from the browser.

Chrome 72 was shipped in November 2018 and included Tursted Web Activity (TWA) which allows you to open Chrome in standalone mode thanks to your native Android package.

The primary advantages over your normal PWA installation are:

  • Home screen widget

  • Offer a wear OS companion app

  • Background services can access native features

  • Native screens mixed with PWA content

To list your PWA in the store, you need to compile your own APK, and publish.

The fact, we can now publish PWAs in the app store will please many native App and PWA makers. I’ve came across many situations where outdated apps are left to rot because they take resource to maintain on top of a PWA. This could now be a thing of the past. This is great news for Budibase as it allows us to develop our platform quicker, and output SaaS web apps more efficiently - YAY!

This is a simple summary of the 17 minute post by Maximiliana Firtman. I would advise you read it. Thank-you to Maximiliana for researching and writing about the topic.