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Simpler pricing

Joe Johnston
4 min read · May 1, 2023

Since the launch of our platform, we have always aimed to make our pricing model as simple as possible and perfectly tailored to your needs. On the 2nd May 2023, we are taking a giant leap towards that goal by introducing our new pricing.

Goodbye day passes

Day passes were introduced to provide a granular approach to pricing that closely aligned with usage. However, after receiving feedback from users and customers, we have found that this model is confusing and difficult to predict.

Introducing per-user pricing

To simplify pricing, we have transitioned to a per-user model. The per-user model was preferred by the majority of the customers we collaborated with and is common across our industry. This new model is easier to understand and predict than day passes.

View the new pricing on our pricing page

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Cloud hosting

We are reducing the number of tiers for both Cloud and Self-hosting. For Budibase Cloud users, you have 4 tiers to choose from; Free, Premium, Business, Enterprise.

cloud hosting pricing

As you can see from the image above, we’ve priced each tier very competitively, including a generous free tier that allows you to build unlimited internal tools with up to 5 users for free.

  1. Free tier - The Free tier is perfect for small teams getting started with Budibase, and allows you to build unlimited internal tools with up to 5 users for free - an industry best. It also comes with free SSO and a powerful RBAC system.
  2. Premium tier - For professional deployments and in cases where you need to work with large teams, we recommend the premium tier, which you can start with 1 user and add as many users as you need.
  3. Business tier - The business tier was designed with scalability in mind and is the perfect option for businesses who require more power and security. .
  4. Enterprise tier - The Enterprise tier is designed for larger organizations and comes with additional features, SLAs, and support.

Self-managed tiers

For self-managed users, you have 3 tiers to choose from; Community, Business, Enterprise.

self-hosting pricing

  1. Community tier - The self-managed Community tier is not limited by users allowing you to deploy Budibase apps across your entire company for free. This plan also includes free SSO and a powerful RBAC system.
  2. Business tier - The self-managed Business tier comes with a plethora of different features and support, on top of the community offering.
  3. Enterprise tier - Just like the Enterprise tier in Cloud, this plan is designed for large organizations and comes with additional features, SLAs, and support.

What does this mean for current users/customers

  • Our customers/users have been at the forefront of every decision we’ve made during this process. We truly believe this new pricing is both simpler and more valuable to current users/customers and future users/customers.

    • For new accounts: We’re introducing a new pricing structure across all Budibase plans, effective May 2nd, 2023.
    • For existing accounts on the free or open source plan: We’ll move you to the new pricing structure. A vast majority of you will not be affected. For the small number of users who are affected, please feel free to reach out to sales to discuss your circumstances. For existing accounts over the new limits, we’ve implemented a grace period until the 31st May, 2023. On the 1st June, if your Budibase account is over the new usage limits you will be asked to move to a paid plan, or update your tenant to adhere to the free/community plans.
    • For existing accounts on a paid plan: Most of our customers are aware of our plans to change pricing. In fact, a lot of customers are currently on the new pricing plan already. For customers yet to move to the new pricing structure, we can help you switch over to one of the new plans. For help switching plans, please book a slot in our account executive’s calendar .


We’re open-source and transparency is one of our core values. Therefore, we are always eager to hear feedback from our community. If you would like to provide feedback on our new pricing, please join the discussion.

Looking ahead

We are committed to our mission of helping teams turn data into action. These changes will enable us to improve our platform faster and more effectively, so that we can serve you better. Some of the future investments we are most excited about, include:

  • Overhauling the binding experience and how data is accessed throughout the platform
  • Making it easier to create interfaces and reducing the need for data providers and repeaters
  • Enabling multiple developers to work on the same internal tool at the same time
  • Creating an industry-best SQL experience
  • Improving RBAC and introducing more granular control
  • And so much more.

We are delighted and feel very privileged that over 100,000 teams have chosen Budibase to build internal tools and speed-up their workflows. We would like to thank all the customers who partnered with us in the process of crafting these changes.

Thank you Budis,

The Budibase Team