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6 tried and tested ways to get more Github Stars

Over the last year, we’ve been building an open-source, low-code platform for developers and IT professionals. We’ve been so bogged down building the product and talking to users; we completely neglected the Budibase Github repo . A trifling 83 stars in November presented a bleak assessment of the impact our repository had on passersby. So, a few weeks back, we decided to give more thought to our Github repository. I would like to stipulate, we do not treat stars as the primary currency of successful open source projects.

Joe Johnston

Dec 14, 2020

Budibase is in Public Beta!

Budibase is in public beta. We want you to come and try our groundbreaking new platform, so that we can understand what you love and what we need to improve on. In this phase, you should not expect to build production ready apps with Budibase. Any apps that you build now may not be compatible after our public launch. We plan to officially launch in the next 1-2 months. Our exact launch date will depend on:

Michael Shanks

Oct 20, 2020

Budibase - made in Europe

Budibase was founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are proud to be part of such an amazing tech and business community. One of the many amazing benefits of operating a business from Belfast, is having access to the European Regional Development Fund , via InvestNI . We have been granted funds to employ local, highly skilled engineers to help build the Budibase builder and hosting platform. Thank you InvestNI in recognising the huge, worldwide potential of Budibase to empower busineeses to build web apps, quickly and easily.

Michael Shanks

Jun 24, 2020

5 Good Habits For Success In 2019

I’m the cofounder of Budibase - a super speedy web app builder for makers. Over the last 15 years working on small to large (¬£15m+) projects, I’ve often considered what is success, and what are the good habits for success in 2019. I’ve poured my thoughts on to this page to help others in a similar position, develop successful habits. I hope you enjoy it. Photo by Drew Beamer Success is personal.

Joe Johnston

Apr 3, 2019

Progressive Web Apps Can Now Be Shipped Via The Play Store

With Chrome 72, you can now publish your PWA in the Play Store and from the browser. Chrome 72 was shipped in November 2018 and included Tursted Web Activity (TWA) which allows you to open Chrome in standalone mode thanks to your native Android package. The primary advantages over your normal PWA installation are: Home screen widget Offer a wear OS companion app Background services can access native features Native screens mixed with PWA content

Joe Johnston

Feb 1, 2019

The 3 components of co-founder validation

When someone whom you respect, approaches you with a business proposal, you listen. When their idea passes your gut validation, you get excited. When their vision of how a business should operate aligns with your vision, you fall in love with the product instantly. Your future brightens ūüí• Respect, idea validation, shared vision. The 3 components of cofounder validation. Respect can be earned, but best when it’s natural. Natural respect is only possible through previous encounters.

Joe Johnston

Dec 10, 2018

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