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Introducing Budibase 2.0

Today we’re launching Budibase 2.0 - and yes, you can build your own custom components! Budibase 2.0 brings it all together: extensibility, scalability, education, and community. We think you’ll love it! Features & Improvements 🎨 Custom plugins (components and datasources) By far our most requested feature - users can now add custom datasources and components, aka plugins, to Budibase. Plugins are stored at the global level allowing you to use them across your different apps.

Joe Johnston

Sep 25, 2022

A story about open-source, the Bulgarian Government, and the war in Ukraine

It was a Sunday morning, and Budibase’s Bulgarian QA engineer, Mihail, receives multiple LinkedIn messages from multiple employees of the Bulgarian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). He brushed it off, thinking it was a scam. But, suddenly, he gets a call from his cousin who works with the MoFA. It turns out that the Bulgarian Government had been using Budibase (open source repo) to build an app that would help them rehome thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

Martin McKeaveney

Jul 31, 2022

Budibase’s public API is now available

Today, we are launching one of our most requested features - our new public API! When you sign up for Budibase, you get a low-code platform with an internal database, external data connectors (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle DB, Airtable, MongoDB…), user management, free SSO, drag and drop GUI for building UIs, powerful prebuilt components, free SSO, an automation interface (like Zapier) and now a flexible public API to interact with.

Joe Johnston

Mar 14, 2022

November 2021 Release

In November, Budibase launched out of beta! The response from our community was amazing, and over 5000 new accounts signed up to Budibase. If this wasn’t enough, we’ve found time to release a number of new features: Budibase Blocks Blocks are predefined sets of components that streamline the design process within Budibase. Before blocks, creating a list of searchable cards took 10 minutes; with blocks, this process takes under 1 minute.

Joe Johnston

Dec 3, 2021

September 2021 release - Cloudy with a chance of awesomeness

The September release introduces Budibase Cloud, making it invitingly easy to try Budibase and build internal tools in minutes. This is our largest and most significant release to date. Budibase Cloud is in beta Before Budibase Cloud, it wasn’t easy to try Budibase if you were unfamiliar with Docker, Kubernetes, or Digital Ocean. With Budibase Cloud, you can experience the power, sleekness, and simplicity of Budibase in just a few seconds.

Joe Johnston

Oct 15, 2021

July 2021 release - SSO, conditional UI, and more

The July release delivers on a number of popular requests from our community and contains four major updates, including; SSO - OIDC support Conditional UI Themeable apps Map SQL relationships within the builder SSO - OIDC support OIDC is an open standard and decentralized authentication protocol. As a user, you will have infinite possibilities for SSO, including: Active Directory! - popular request Auth0 Azure Okta OneLogin It’s also possible to add your own authentication!

Joe Johnston

Jul 25, 2021

June 2021 release - Build an SQL CRUD app in seconds

The June release significantly improves the developer experience when; building CRUD apps with an SQL database, laying out components, and delivering responsive apps. TL; DR Build SQL CRUD apps in seconds A new layout settings bar Preset layouts Responsive navigation layout Improved design experience Confirmation modal for actions Build SQL CRUD apps in seconds Previous to this release, SQL was supported but the experience was tedious. We talked with our community, we listened hard and went back to first principles, and the outcome is an entire new and improved SQL experience.

Joe Johnston

Jun 27, 2021

May 2021 release - Run Budibase in your browser

The May release transforms the development experience for every single Budibase user. It is also the beginning of a new and exciting journey that involves Budibase moving to the browser. TL; DR Run Budibase via the browser in your self-hosted cloud We will no longer actively develop on the Budibase desktop builder A new Admin UI Improved user management Built-in email support Google Auth - users can sign in with Google New, fresh, accessible UI New data provider component (with sorting/filtering/UX/perf enhancements) New table component (remove and add columns) New formula data type Import Options as part of the CSV import Add code to automations CRON automation trigger Run Budibase in the cloud From this release forward, you will run Budibase via the browser in your self-hosted cloud.

Joe Johnston

May 27, 2021

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