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November 2021 Release

Joe Johnston
2 min read · Dec 3, 2021

In November, Budibase launched out of beta! The response from our community was amazing, and over 5000 new accounts signed up to Budibase. If this wasn’t enough, we’ve found time to release a number of new features:

Budibase Blocks

Blocks are predefined sets of components that streamline the design process within Budibase. Before blocks, creating a list of searchable cards took 10 minutes; with blocks, this process takes under 1 minute.

Watch Budibase promotional demo

Oracle DB Integration

A popular request amongst our community, we’re happy to announce you can now use Oracle DB to build business apps with Budibase. Going one step further, we’ve made the Oracle datasource a ‘Datasource Plus’ which allows you to generate tables directly from your Oracle database.

MSSQL Datasource Plus

Building on our MSSQL integration, you can now generate tables directly from your MSSQL database.

New Screen Creation UI

Autogenerate CRUD screens from any datasource with just a few clicks. The new UI and UX stems from numerous conversations with the community and makes the design experience consistent between the internal database and external datasources.

Filter Component

You can now include a dynamic filter component inside a data provider and have complete control over all of the filters - automatically. Users can now create incredible search and filtering experiences with just a few clicks.

Add text directly to the design screen

Type directly onto your design screen instead of using the settings panel. For simple text input, we feel this is a better experience.

Additional, important improvements

  • Improved SQL relationships UI - faster and more flexible
  • JavaScript formula fields
  • Access levels on custom queries
  • Import an existing table into a CSV
  • Use _id fields in relationships, and have access to attachment information such as the filename of the attachment.
  • Use schemas other than “public” in postgres data source plus

Coming up in the December Release

  • New and improved Rest API experience
  • JSON data field
  • New Budibase home screen UI
  • New templates

Release video

You can watch this month&rsquo;s release video here .