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July 2021 release - SSO, conditional UI, and more

Joe Johnston
2 min read · Jul 25, 2021

The July release delivers on a number of popular requests from our community and contains four major updates, including;

  1. SSO - OIDC support
  2. Conditional UI
  3. Themeable apps
  4. Map SQL relationships within the builder

SSO - OIDC support

OIDC is an open standard and decentralized authentication protocol. As a user, you will have infinite possibilities for SSO, including:

  • Active Directory! - popular request
  • Auth0
  • Azure
  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • It’s also possible to add your own authentication!

I know many of you will understand the benefits of SSO, but here’s a quick recap:

  • No more password management
  • Auto-provisioning for users
  • Minimize password security risks
  • Quicker sign up/sign-in process for users
  • Use your SSO provider to control who can access Budibase

The initial work for this feature was completed by community member, Bernhard Hayden . We’d like to publicly thank Bernhard for taking the time and effort to contribute to Budibase. The remaining work was completed by two new Budibase recruits; Peter and Rory .

Conditional UI

When building apps with Budibase, you will now have the ability to change your UI depending on the state of the application. This new feature allows you to hide content from certain users, change the color of text depending on its value, and more.

Dark mode apps

We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to build beautiful, user-friendly internal tools with Budibase. After this release, switch between 4 themes for your apps; lightest, light, dark, darkest, with just 2 clicks.

SQL relationships

Import tables from your SQL databases (with just 1 click), then map relationships between your tables within Budibase. This allows you to utilize the power of relationships within your Budibase applications.

Additional updates

  • Unauthenticated SMTP
  • Budibase drawer UI improvements
  • Layout update
  • Lucene search improvements

Coming up in the August release

  • Dynamic forms and a Wizard component
  • A better developer experience (JavaScript, transformers, and auto-complete)