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Sep 25, 2022

Introducing Budibase 2.0

Today we’re launching Budibase 2.0 - and yes, you can build your own custom components! Budibase 2.0 brings it all together: extensibility, scalability, education, and community. We think you’ll love it!

Features & Improvements

🎨 Custom plugins (components and datasources)

By far our most requested feature - users can now add custom datasources and components, aka plugins, to Budibase. Plugins are stored at the global level allowing you to use them across your different apps.

Visit the docs for custom plugins

🔌 Plugins repository

We’ve created a plugin repository to store plugins created by the community. We plan to put time and effort into growing this plugin ecosystem over the next few months - including our first hackathon.

Visit the plugin repository

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 User groups

User groups are critical when you want to scale your Budibase deployment. User groups are a collection of users who perform a similar task. For example, a group of marketing representatives might be put in a Marketing user group. When you add a user to a group, they are assigned the default permissions of that group.

🖇️ Binding groups

We’ve revamped the bindings drawer and nested all the user bindings under sections. This makes it much easier to navigate and find the values you are looking for.

🎓 Budibase university

A curriculum of video tutorials to help you get started with Budibase.

Visit Budibase university

👾 Discord channel

Interact with other community members in the Budibase Discord.

Join the Budibase Discord

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Formula from a relation causes API error when a relation is removed

  • And so many more; where do we start…. 🙈

    View list of bug fixes

Joe Johnston