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The 3 components of co-founder validation

Joe Johnston
1 min read · Dec 10, 2018

When someone whom you respect, approaches you with a business proposal, you listen. When their idea passes your gut validation, you get excited. When their vision of how a business should operate aligns with your vision, you fall in love with the product instantly. Your future brightens 💥

Respect, idea validation, shared vision. The 3 components of cofounder validation.

Respect can be earned, but best when it’s natural. Natural respect is only possible through previous encounters.

Idea validation can come from your gut, statistics, or qualitative feedback. It can also be negotiated, iterated, and polished during initial discussions.

The vision component is natural and must be aligned. This is your north star, shining far in the distance. If your visions are not aligned, misdirection and darkness is sure to follow. A vision determines culture, direction, and identity. It’s crucial.

When all the components are met, you have cofounder validation. A new relationship, a new journey, a combined outlook. Two, in this case, is better than one.

Cheers Mike 👊