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Budibase is in Public Beta!

Michael Shanks
1 min read · Oct 20, 2020

Budibase is in public beta. We want you to come and try our groundbreaking new platform, so that we can understand what you love and what we need to improve on.

In this phase, you should not expect to build production ready apps with Budibase. Any apps that you build now may not be compatible after our public launch.

We plan to officially launch in the next 1-2 months. Our exact launch date will depend on:

  • Issues reported by our beta users.
  • “Must Have” features for launch.
  • The stability of the product, and it’s APIs.

Once we officially launch, we will commit to supporting all apps built, from that date on.

Come and try Budibase now - it’s a lot of fun to build web apps! If you have any questions, issues or feedback, come and talk to us on GitHub Discussions or Discord .