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Wrapping up Q2

Joe Johnston
2 min read · Jul 3, 2024

We spent Q2 delivering several new components and quality-of-life improvements. We also ran our first workshop! Read on to find out more.

Last week, we released the new Modal component. Modals are a great way to focus the app’s interface on a specific experience. The new modal component comes in different sizes, and the design experience is similar to the existing Side Panel component. Kudos to Gerard for developing this great new feature. Discover more about the Modal component .

Modal component

Signature component

Thanks to Dean , Budibase users can now draw and submit their signatures with the new signature component. Once a user submits a Signature, it is securely stored as an image in that row. Read the launch blog to learn more.

Signature component

Table component improvements

The table component update included a number of new enhancements, fixes and UX improvements delivered by Andrew . Learn more about the new table component improvements .

Chart block improvements

Credit to Gerard , who spent a number of weeks improving the chart block. The update included a number of new enhancements, fixes, and UX improvements. Learn more about the chart block improvements .

Single User column type

Back in April, Adria added a new single-user column type , offering a more intuitive way to manage values through bindings.

And then some…

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Up next in Q3 👀

  • A major update to Budibase DB 👾 🎉