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Digital Signing, Simplified – The Signature Component Built for Forms

Jamie Birss
2 min read · May 22, 2024

Over the past few months, the Budibase team has been hard at work enhancing the form-building experience. Today, we’re happy to announce the new signature component, opening up a range of powerful new workflows with Forms.

Whether you’re looking to streamline contract signings, onboard new employees efficiently, or secure internal approvals, the signature component is here to support your digital workflows.

Building a delivery workflow

Let’s dive into a workflow that uses the new signature component. In this example, let’s imagine we’re working in inventory management within a factory setting, and an item is transferred from one warehouse to another. Our objective is to track this movement efficiently, ensuring the receiving warehouse confirms the successful delivery.

To do this, we can create a simple Budibase app. Initially, in the departing warehouse, we use the barcode/QR scanner component to log the item’s details.

Please scan package

We can also “start” the delivery, which can update the status of the package to “in transit”, and log the time that the delivery started as well as who the delivery driver is.

The driver then takes the package to the receiving warehouse 🚙

In Transit

Once at the destination warehouse, the delivery driver has two options to confirm the item’s delivery. First, using the new signature component, the driver captures the recipient’s signature directly on a tablet or mobile device. This validates that the correct person is getting the package, as well as providing proof of delivery. This signature is then securely stored in the Budibase app for future reference. The driver can then snap a photo of the delivered item, attaching it to the delivery record.


Once the package has successfully been delivered, delivery information, such as delivery time, will be recorded. Budibase can also trigger any additional Automations you have set up. This could mean sending a confirmation email, updating internal inventory records, or anything else you require.

Order Complete

The signature component is greater than its individual functionality. It opens doors for powerful and exciting new workflows that require more comprehensive validation and approval processes. Build powerful workflows and keep your data secure with Budibase.

Upgrade to the latest version of Budibase to try the signature component today!