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Make work flow with Budibase's new n8n integration

Jamie Birss
2 min read · Feb 21, 2024

Unlock powerful new workflows with the new Budibase n8n integration. This two-way integration enriches both platforms, offering a better approach for task automation in Budibase and a new way to manage your Budibase data in n8n.

Automate workflows with the n8n Integration in Budibase

First up, let’s talk about bringing n8n into Budibase. n8n is renowned for its powerful workflow automation capabilities, boasting an impressive array of 775 nodes spanning various applications and services. By weaving n8n’s extensive functionality into the fabric of Budibase, we elevate automations to a higher level.

Select n8n

This update significantly enhances Budibase by not only expanding the total number of integrations available but also broadening the capabilities of our existing integrations. Automate a follow-up email sequence, sync customer data across platforms, trigger notifications based on app interactions, and more. With n8n integrated into Budibase, you’re not just building apps; you’re creating powerful automated workflows.

Connect Budibase DB with n8n

With this release, we’re also rolling out the Budibase DB node with n8n. This opens up a straightforward way to manage and update your data within the Budibase database directly through n8n, giving you the ability to automate data administration tasks with ease. Now, you can update records, manage your Budibase apps, automate data deletion, and more without ever leaving n8n.

We’re excited to see how you’ll use these new capabilities to take your workflows to another level!