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Take your forms a step further with the multi-step form block

Jamie Birss
2 min read · Jan 9, 2024

Speed and quality often sit on opposite ends of the spectrum in application development. Yet, we believe they can coexist harmoniously. We’re excited to introduce an easier, faster way to create multi-step forms.

Our journey began with a simple observation: the existing form block lacked the flexibility to handle multi-step processes to easily handle multi-step processes. This limitation forced users to resort to intricate workarounds, which were neither ideal nor efficient. We’ve now created a multi-step form block to address this. This offers a more streamlined approach to multi-step form creation, enabling you to design forms that are beautiful, intuitive, and capable of addressing complex processes that require multiple steps to complete.

New design

The new design minimizes the need for complex nesting or extensive component trees. Creating multi-step forms is as straightforward as powerful, with easy navigation and management directly from the block’s settings panel.

Adding steps

Adding new steps to your form is now a breeze. Each step, complete with its own title, description, fields, and buttons, can be seamlessly integrated into your form, enhancing the user experience and data collection process.

Step controls

Multi-step controls

With the addition of new steps, the settings panel transforms to give you control over your form’s flow. You can easily navigate between steps, add new ones, or remove them, all through a user-friendly interface that departs from traditional component tree dependencies.

Customizing buttons in multi-step forms has also been streamlined. Budibase intelligently updates button functions when new steps are added or removed, ensuring a cohesive and functional form experience. This includes a new default “Back” button, enhancing user navigation through the form.

Multi-step button config

This new feature is more than an upgrade — it’s a testament to our commitment to making application development and form building both easier and more efficient. We invite you to explore the new multi-step form block functionality, and experience firsthand how it can transform your workflows. Stay tuned for more updates as Budibase continues to evolve.

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