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September 2023 Product Update

Joe Johnston
3 min read · Oct 1, 2023

The September release is here and it comes with a number of crowd-pleasing, community-driven changes that will improve the app building and access experience:

Retain user & table data when overriding applications

We’ve been asked time and time again for the ability to update an application without impacting the user or data tables. From today, you can import applications, while retaining these artifacts.

new app import

User columns now available (and updates to the user table)

The user table as you know today will still exist, but in a read-only format. If you have user assignment needs, please use the new user column.

User column

Support for date-only field types

Previously we only supported DATETIME type fields, requiring users to set a default time for their value. Now we support DATE type values as well.

date-only field type

View and interact with your applications directly in the Budibase portal

We have redesigned our portal experience, allowing you to use your applications directly within the portal view.

quick app access

Query UI improvements

We have made improvements to the query creation process for data sources allowing you to view your query results side-by-side with your query string and transformer.

query ui improvements

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Bug fixes