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May 2023 Product Update

Joe Johnston
2 min read · Jun 11, 2023

multiplayer collaboration

Multiplayer collaboration

Today we’re thrilled to announce multiplayer collaboration support for the data section within Budibase. Now, multiple users can work together to connect to data sources, customize schemas, and update data within our new spreadsheet-like grid, all at the same time.

Learn how to add collaborators

autocomplete bindings

Autocomplete bindings

Bindings offer a powerful way to link data within Budibase. With our latest update, binding data has never been easier / faster. To access a context menu and all available bindings and helpers, press {{ when using Handlebars and $ when using JavaScript.

Discover autocomplete bindings

synchronous automations

Synchronous Automations

Available on the Business tier and above

One of the longest running requests we have had is the ability to run Automations synchronously, and chain together responses from Automation steps. With this release, you can now add a Collect step to your Automations and pass data down your Automation pipeline.

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Further updates

  • View your invoices directly within Budibase

    You can now view your latest Budibase invoice directly within the account portal.

  • Minimize the Bindings menu

    Minimize the bindings menu by clicking the close rail icon. This is particularly helpful when building apps on smaller screens.

  • Handlebars → Text

    Within the Bindings interface, we’ve replaced the term Handlebars with Text.

  • User group enhancements and fixes

    You can now search users within a user group, user groups cannot have the same name, there’s now a max character limit on user group names.