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July 2023 Product Update (v2.9)

Joe Johnston
3 min read · Aug 8, 2023

Budibase is officially a collaborative platform where IT professionals can work together to build internal apps, faster. The July release introduces a number of new features, including; multiplayer support, running Budibase in an air-gapped environment, customizing the color of options within a select field, disabling notifications on blocks, and more.

Team up to move app building forward, faster

We are thrilled to announce that multiplayer mode is now available within the design and automate sections of Budibase. Creators can now:

  • Give colleagues access to data.
  • Invite teammates into your design process.
  • Collaborate to build better automations.
  • Build better apps with their team, faster.

design collab

Customize the color of options

Customize the color of options within Options and Multi-select fields.

Option colors

Air-gapped deployment

Available to enterprise customers only.

Enterprise customers can now deploy Budibase within an air-gapped environment.

If you’re interested in deploying Budibase within an air-gapped environment, please contact sales .

air-gapped environment

Join 100,000 teams building workflow apps with Budibase

Further updates

  • Disable notifications within Block components

    Block components can be configured to disable notifications

  • Filter relationship pickers

    You now now apply filtering to your relationship picker component.

  • Download system logs

    Budibase self-host installations now support exporting system logs (up to 20MB).

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