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August 2023 Product Update (v2.10)

Joe Johnston
4 min read · Sep 9, 2023

The August release has landed and we’re excited to launch some major improvements to the current Budibase experience:

Simple and secure filtering with Views 2.0

Views in Budibase are a simple way to filter data. They’re incredibly popular so we decided to spend August improving their performance and design.

The new Views now support the new editable Grid - significantly improve the design and overall editing experience. Additionally, there’s a new way to create Views - Simply filter your table, click Create View, give it name, and that’s it - Budibase will create a new View with your filtered data.

Views v2

Views - Access

By default, View access is inherited from the parent table. View access is only configurable on the Business plan and above.

Views RBAC

Views roadmap

With this release, we’ve removed Groupby and Calculation functionality from Views. We apologize if this has caused any inconvenience. We are working behind the scenes on a major transformation to the Budibase data experience. This major update will include a better experience around Groupbys and Calculations and result in a large performance boost. We plan to release this new experience over the next month or two.

Enhancements to the Form block

Building forms with Budibase is now easier and faster. Configure form field visability, validation, actions, and more from the form block settings panel and the new field popover.

New form block

Simpler RBAC

We’ve made a large update to how roles work within Budibase. Previous to this release, there were 3 account level roles:

  • Admin - Can do anything and access everything within the account.
  • Developer - Can create new apps and edit old ones.
  • App user - Can access published apps.

Now, there are only 2 account level roles:

  • Admin - Can do anything and access everything within the account.
  • Member - Can access published apps.

Introducing Creator access

Business and Enterprise customers can now give users Creator access to an individual app. Creator access allow users to edit the app’s data, design, and automations.

With this additional granularity, Business and Enterprise customers can select whether a member is a Creator or an App User for each application.

It’s important to note, existing users with the Developer role will continue with the Developer role until updated by the account admin. Going forward, when adding new users, the Developer role will not be available.

creator role

Streamlined design UX

We have combined the Screens and Component tree panels within the Design section to streamline the app building experience.

design section refresh

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