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Martin McKeaveney | Jul 31, 2022

A story about open-source, the Bulgarian Government, and the war in Ukraine

The Bulgarian Government are using Budibase to re-home 120,000 Ukrainian refugees. At the heart of the story, is open-source.

Joe Johnston | Mar 14, 2022

Budibase’s public API is now available

Budibase’s public API is now publicly available - making Budibase the hub for all your internal apps

Joe Johnston | Dec 3, 2021

November 2021 Release

In November, Budibase launched out of beta! The response from our community was amazing, and over 5000 new accounts signed up to Budibase. If this wasn’t enough, we’ve found time to release a number of game-changing features:

Michael Shanks | Oct 20, 2020

Budibase is in Public Beta!

Budibase is in public beta - come and try, for free.


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