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Wrapping up Q1

Busy quarter! In Q1, we set out to: Make it easier and faster to build advanced, secure forms. Spark more joy in the developer experience. Making it easier and faster to build secure forms Building forms is a critical and necessary flow within Budibase. Whether you’re building a simple app to collect data or a complex approval flow to manage overtime requests, there’s a critical form at the heart of the workflow.

Joe Johnston

Mar 25, 2024

Boosting developer productivity with Live Evaluation & Reusable Code Snippets

With today’s release, we’re pushing out two major updates to improve the developer experience in Budibase: Live Evaluation & Reusable Code Snippets. Live Evaluation offers real-time insights into your code’s behavior, allowing for immediate feedback without the constant need to toggle between the app preview and code editor. Meanwhile, Reusable Code Snippets, allow you to write blocks of JavaScript, such as formulas, in a centralized location, which can then be reused across your whole application.

Jamie Birss

Mar 19, 2024

New screen template – Forms 📄

Forms are fundamental to the Budibase experience. They are the gateway to your database, allowing you to add and update data with ease. With the critical importance of forms in mind, we’re excited to unveil our latest release: the Forms template. Traditionally, creating forms has been a time-consuming task, requiring developers to build each form from the ground up for every new application. This repetitive process not only slows down development but also diverts focus from more strategic tasks.

Jamie Birss

Mar 11, 2024

Make work flow with Budibase's new n8n integration

Unlock powerful new workflows with the new Budibase n8n integration. This two-way integration enriches both platforms, offering a better approach for task automation in Budibase and a new way to manage your Budibase data in n8n. Automate workflows with the n8n Integration in Budibase First up, let’s talk about bringing n8n into Budibase. n8n is renowned for its powerful workflow automation capabilities, boasting an impressive array of 775 nodes spanning various applications and services.

Jamie Birss

Feb 21, 2024

Introducing Global Bindings

At Budibase, we are continually evolving to make application development more intuitive, accessible, and powerful. With our latest update, we are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement that aligns perfectly with this vision - Global Bindings. Before diving into the exciting details, we assure you that your existing data structures are safe. This update is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing setup, ensuring that everything you’ve built so far continues to function flawlessly with the new version of Budibase.

Jamie Birss

Jan 31, 2024

Budibase Cloud January 9th Incident

On January 9th, a subset of Budibase Cloud customers were unable to log in. We were able to trace this problem back to data corruption in our production database, and resolved the problem by rolling our database back to a known-good snapshot. The snapshot we rolled back to, at the time we rolled back to it, was 87 minutes old. Any changes made by customers on Budibase Cloud in those 87 minutes were lost.

Sam Rose

Jan 16, 2024

Take your forms a step further with the multi-step form block

Speed and quality often sit on opposite ends of the spectrum in application development. Yet, we believe they can coexist harmoniously. We’re excited to introduce an easier, faster way to create multi-step forms. Our journey began with a simple observation: the existing form block lacked the flexibility to handle multi-step processes to easily handle multi-step processes. This limitation forced users to resort to intricate workarounds, which were neither ideal nor efficient.

Jamie Birss

Jan 9, 2024

Upcoming pricing and limit changes

The Budibase team is excited to introduce updates to our pricing plans that will go live on the 28th of November, 2023. Here’s a quick summary of what will change: Instead of charging the same per-user fee for all users, we will price differently for users who create apps (app creators) and those who use apps (app users). This breakdown in pricing will allow us to offer a reduced per-user fee.

Joe Johnston

Nov 7, 2023

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