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What is PoC Software?

Building PoC for software development projects is an effective way to validate our ideas without going to the effort and expense of building the real thing. Not only does this enable us to prove that our approach to the problem at hand is viable - it also gives us a valuable opportunity to gather real-world input from potential users, developers, target audiences, and other business stakeholders. But, achieving this can be more challenging than you might think.

Ronan McQuillan

Sep 29, 2023

What is a Containerization?

Containerization is one of the decades’ biggest shifts in the way businesses manage their internal IT - with huge implications for how we develop software, manage existing tools, handle business data, and much more. So much so, that containerization has become a top priority for IT leaders in all industries. Today, we’re checking out everything you need to know about working with containers - from what they are and what they achieve - to the challenges you might encounter and the specific tools you can use for successful implementation.

Ronan McQuillan

Jul 28, 2023


ITOM and ITSM are both fundamental to the way we provide technical resources, assets, and services to colleagues across all departments. But, there are important differences between the two that can come into conflict if we’re not aware of them. Confusingly, there’s also a lot of overlap. Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know. Specifically, we’ll check out what each one is, what it achieves, the challenges you’ll encounter, how they differ, and how you can align them with one another.

Ronan McQuillan

Jul 21, 2023

What are API Headers?

API headers are central to how your request is received by the target server - and the response it produces. These can be used to provide extra context for our request, prove our permission to access resources, or for other important metadata. As such, knowing how to use request headers properly is a vital part of accessing external data via APIs. Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know - from what API headers are, what they do, and how they work - to concrete real-world examples of how you can leverage them to build integrated solutions.

Ronan McQuillan

Jul 14, 2023

What are the Components of an API?

Knowing the components of an API is obviously important for setting them up to do what you want. Otherwise, how can you ever expect to use them correctly? Today, we’re covering everything you need to know. We’re going to take each of the constituent parts of an API in turn and explain exactly what they are, what they do, and how you can use them. Along the way, we’ll think about real-world examples of why each one is important, and the specific scenarios where they’re useful.

Ronan McQuillan

Jul 14, 2023

ITOps vs DevOps | What's the Difference?

Comparing ITOps vs DevOps is a tricky one. On the one hand, they’re clearly two distinct fields, with their own goals, priorities, responsibilities, and daily workflows. On the other, there’s a huge degree of overlap - with both ultimately aiming to use technology to make your business more efficient, secure, and agile. Oftentimes, they might even involve the same people. Today, we’re un-muddying the waters. Specifically, we’re going to guide you through everything you need to know about what ITOps and DevOps mean, what they achieve, who is responsible, and how you can use both to create sleek, performant solutions for your team.

Ronan McQuillan

Jul 7, 2023

IT Operations Analytics | In-Depth Guide

IT operations analytics is a central part of how we make sense of complex, busy internal IT processes. Honestly, the role of the IT team has never been as varied or mission-critical as it is today. With rapidly changing technology, growing demand for digital solutions, emerging threats and risks, and ever-increasing budgetary pressures, it’s absolutely vital that we know exactly what’s going on across our entire organization’s IT. This means first gaining insight into how our IT processes work in practice and secondly assessing how these perform in terms of contributing to our wider operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Ronan McQuillan

Jun 23, 2023

Digital Transformation UX | In-Depth Guide

Far too often, user experiences are an afterthought when businesses digitalize processes. It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing too much on shiny new tools and forgetting about human users. Today we’re exploring why your digital transformation UX is vital to creating streamlined, effective internal processes that actually drive real-world value. See, it’s not inevitable that your digital transformation projects will bring results. Even the most technically sophisticated solution in the world isn’t going to do you much good if it’s not built to provide value to actual customers and colleagues.

Ronan McQuillan

Jun 16, 2023

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