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CRUD vs REST | What’s the Difference?

Wrapping your head around CRUD vs REST means getting to grips with some of the most fundamental concepts of modern application development. However, when we talk about this - we’re not exactly comparing like with like. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of confusion arises. See, REST and CRUD are two acronyms that relate to how we access and manage data. But, they differ greatly in terms of what they actually refer to and how they apply.

Ronan McQuillan

Aug 29, 2023

What is Unstructured Data Management?

Managing unstructured data is becoming an increasingly important challenge for companies of all sizes. See, the types of information that business store - and the way they handle it - has changed massively over the past couple of decades. A huge part of this has been the simultaneous rise of big data, NoSQL, and cloud storage solutions. In sum, this means that there’s a greater need for unstructured data management than ever before.

Ronan McQuillan

Aug 3, 2023

Top 10 Data Transformation Tools

Selecting the right data transformation tools is a critical decision - with far-reaching consequences. Nowadays, the idea that data is your business’s most valuable asset is a bit of a cliche. The real challenge is getting this data in the hands of the right people, with the right tools, in a usable form. This is especially tricky in a context where we’re increasingly dealing with diverse, varied, and large-scale data sets.

Ronan McQuillan

Jul 21, 2023

Workflow Management Database Design

Today we’re going to guide you through exactly how to create a workflow management database design - from scratch. This can form the basis of all sorts of solutions - including workflow management tools, approval apps, automated solutions - and a whole raft of other internal tools. See, most internal tasks and processes aren’t that complicated. In fact, most management or administrative tasks can be expressed as chains of requests and decisions.

Ronan McQuillan

Jul 21, 2023

ACID vs BASE Databases

Data has never been so fundamental to the success of your business - but nowadays we have more options than ever for how we store and manage information. Today we’re checking out two of the most common approaches, by examining ACID vs BASE databases. See, we’re always constrained by some core computer science principles. Specifically, there’s an inherent tradeoff between availability, consistency, and partition tolerance. No database system can guarantee all three.

Ronan McQuillan

Jul 7, 2023

CAP vs ACID | What's the difference?

CAP vs ACID is probably one of the most widely misunderstood questions in the world of data engineering. Today, we’re setting out to dispel any misconceptions and give you an actionable, practical guide to choosing the right data storage framework for your real-world applications. We’ll break down some pretty complex computer science theory into insights with real-world applicability - including checking out examples of what key principles look like in practice.

Ronan McQuillan

Jun 30, 2023

Data Entry Automation | 5-Step Guide

Data entry is one of the most accessible routes to major efficiency savings. See, data entry is about the most repetitive, menial admin task there is. Despite this - it’s also one of the most common admin processes in all kinds of organizations. In a lot of cases, if you have colleagues entering data manually all day, it’s indicative of a bigger problem with your data ops. At least, it’s rare that manual data entry is the optimal solution - except in very specific, limited situations.

Ronan McQuillan

Jun 12, 2023

What is ACID Compliance?

ACID compliance is one of the most fundamental data management concepts that you’ll want to get to grips with. In fact, this is so ubiquitous that you not have paid it much attention before - to many people, it’s just the way databases work. Of course, this isn’t quite the case. Not every database adheres to the ACID model. Indeed, not every use case would benefit from this. Therefore, we need to know what we’re dealing with in order to make an informed decision about what’s right for our app project’s data model.

Ronan McQuillan

May 12, 2023

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